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The Bahamas
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Student Name: Jeph Brutus
Date:June, 7, 2010
Where is Bahamas located?
officially the Commonwealth
of The Bahamas, is an
English-speaking country
consisting of 29 islands, 661
cays, and 2,387 islets (rocks).
It is located at the north-east
of the Caribbean Sea in the
Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba,
Hispaniola (Dominican
Republic and Haiti) and the
Caribbean Sea, northwest of
the Turks and Caicos Islands,
and southeast of the United
States of America (nearest to
the state of Florida). Its total
land area is almost
14 000 km², with an estimated
population of 330,000. Its
capital is Nassau.
Flag, Motto, Anthem:
anthem: "God
Save the Queen"
Motto: "Forward,
Upward, Onward,
Anthem: "March
On, Bahamaland"
Originally inhabited by Arawakan
Taino people, The Bahamas were
the site of Columbus' first landfall
in the New World in 1492.
Although the Spanish never
colonised The Bahamas, they
shipped the native Lucayans (as
the Bahamian Taino settlers
referred to themselves) to slavery
in Hispaniola. The islands were
mostly deserted from 1513 to
1650, when British colonists from
Bermuda settled on the island of
The Bahamas became a Crown
Colony in 1718 when the British
clamped down on piracy.
Following the American War of
Independence, thousands of proBritish loyalists and enslaved
Africans moved to The Bahamas
and set up a plantation economy.
As one of the most prosperous
county in the Caribbean region,
the Bahamas relies on tourism to
generate most of their economic
activity. Tourism as an industry not
only accounts for over 60 percent
of the Bahamian GDP, but
provides jobs for more than half
the country's workforce. An
example of Tourism in the
Bahamas is the number of cruise
ships that land in the capital of
Nassau where tourists visit the
straw market to buy different
items or have their hair braided.
After tourism, the most important
economic sector is financial
services, accounting for around
15 percent of GDP.
What do you like the most about
I like the people
I like the culture
And I like the