A World of Rubbish

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Lesson Five:
A World of Rubbish
Recycled materials supply
40% of global raw materials
o Around 1.6 million people are
involved in the recycling
o Approximately 600 million
tonnes of material recycled
every year.
o Recycling material generates
more than $200 billion a year
(this is more than GDP of
Portugal, Colombia, and
Malaysia together).
Source: Flickr user Kevin Dooley
o Used for: building
and construction;
transport; packaging;
electricity cables;
cooking implements.
o Estimated 700 million
tonnes of aluminium
produced since 1880s
and around 75% of this
is still in use (via
Source: Flickr user Jay Peeples
o Used for: electrical
applications including
wires, circuits and
switches, pipes.
o Recycled copper
saves up to 85% of the
energy used in its
primary production.
Source: Flickr user Tony Hisgett
o Used for batteries, radiation
protection materials
o 50% of lead used each year is
o Around 80% of lead is used in
acid batteries.
o Using recycled lead reduces
Co2 emissions by 99%.
Source: Wikipedia
o Used for: as a coating for
iron and steel
(galvanisation); batteries, to
create brass (as an alloy with
o The average car includes
around 10kg of zinc
components (in galvanised
body parts).
o Producing recycled zinc
uses 76% less energy than
producing zinc from mined
Source: Wikipedia
o Used for cans; car
production; springs; glass
o Extracting tin from mining
requires 99% more
energy than recycling it
Source: Flickr user Nunavut
Recycling Metal (1)
o Sorting
Recycling Metal (2)
o Baling
Source: Bureau of International Recycling
Recycling Metal (3)
o Shearing
Source: Flickr user Galbiatl group
Recycling Metal (4)
Source: Flickr user Graela