PRC-Japan Relations

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Transcript PRC-Japan Relations

China and Japan Today
President Hu Jintao’s visit
China is committed to structural change of
the economy from export-driven to
domestic consumption-driven
personal savings: 15 trillion yuan
foreign exchange reserves 0.9 trillion US$
yuan-US$ has risen over 3% since July
first quarter GDP grew by 10.2%
Peace Treaty with Japan
1951, Peace Treaty with Japan was signed
in San Francisco
China was not invited
1952, Republic of China (Taiwan) signed
Peace Treaty with Japan
``state of war between the Republic of
China and Japan is terminated”
Diplomatic Relation (1972)
Turning point: Nixon visited Beijing and
Shanghai in February 1972
Japan’s Prime Minister visited Beijing and
signed Joint Communiqué in September
PRC government waived the claim of war
reparations against Japan
Peace Treaty (1978)
Treaty of Peace and Friendship between
the People's Republic of China and Japan
Deng Xiaoping visited Japan
Japanese Loans to PRC
Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Japanese government loan
energy loans
Japanese free aid
trade surplus loans
After Cold War
Relative rise
Relative decline
Current Status
Washington-Tokyo-Beijing triangle
PRC & Japan regard relationship with each
other as 2nd in importance to that with US
Japan plays significant role in integrating
PRC into world economy
Japan has a vital interest in PRC’s
development and stability
PRC’s Trade Partners 2005
Japan is Mainland China’s third largest
trade partner and largest import source
was the largest trade partner before 2003
Total trade volume: 184 billion US$
13% of Mainland China’s total trade
Total imports from Japan: 100 billion US$
15.2% of Mainland China’s total imports
Japan’s Trade Partners
Mainland China is Japan’s largest source
of imports and the 2nd largest trade
partner in 2004
PRC (including both Mainland China and
Hong Kong) became Japan’s largest trade
partner in 2004
surpassing the US for the first time
Japan’s Direct Investment
3rd largest investment source
31,855 projects
46.8 billion US$
9 mill. employees
Personnel exchanges 2005
3.4 million visits from Japan to China
540 flights weekly between China & Japan
315 pairs of sister cities
487,570 Chinese citizens in Japan
80,592 Chinese students in Japan (2/3)
7,000 Chinese have obtained Ph.D. in Japan
19,059 Japanese students in China (17%)
Current Issues
Yasukuni Shrine
Japanese history textbooks
Japanese chemical weapons left in China
Diaoyu (Senkaku) Islands in East China
Generation Gap
Chiang Kai-Shek (1887), Mao Zedong
(1893), Deng Xiaoping (1904)
Jiang Zemin (1926), Hu Jintao (1942),
Professor Frost
Guo (1974)
the “little emperors”