Transcript GEOG 352

GEOG 352
Earth Hour Results
 Revelstoke did the best
with a 12.1% reduction,
followed by Pemberton
at 6.8%. Ladysmith
and North Cowichan
had 5.8% and 4.8%,
respectively. Nanaimo,
at 2.6% beat out
Vancouver and
Victoria at 2.1% and
Agenda for Today
 Finish last discussion question
 Hear John’s presentation
 Evaluation of the course and evaluation
of your own participation (on paper)
 Course evaluation will focus on:
 book and reading load
 supplementary readings
 lectures and discussions
 videos
 assignments
 anything else you want to bring up
 Start the review for the final…
Exam Topics
 in what ways is GDP
incomplete in assessing
society’s well-being?
 Simon Kuznet’s critique of
making too much of GDP
 “defensive expenditures”
 sustainable income vs.
capital consumption
 alternatives to GDP
 core human needs
 needs vs. “satisfiers”
Exam Topics
 social capital & different
 human capital
 cultural capital
 physical (or manufactured)
 financial capital (in the sense
of larger economic benefits)
 “whole economy” & different
sectors of
 formal and informal
economies and what
differentiates them
Exam Topics
 “social economy” and co-ops
as a manifestation (where is
the social economy strong?)
 “Scandinavian model”
 balanced economy and
society with 3 sectors
 in a “full world,” which is
now the main limiting
 3 macro goals for policy and
how linked
Exam Topics
 six policy principles
 “source” approaches vs.
“sink” approaches
 four policy strategies
 how to achieve a more just
distribution of wealth
 what can and should have
a price put on it?
 anything else for
David Korten