Transcript Poverty

Have Nots - Did you feel you
were getting anywhere talking
to the Haves? Why or Why
Do you have any other
alternatives to solve your
Haves - Why was it easy to
laugh at, and look down on
the Have Nots?
What problems cause the
differences between Haves
and Have Nots?
Which causes are the most
Famine in Ethiopia – Should this woman “get a job?”
Hardim, West Hararghe,
Ethiopia - Zeinab Aliye has no
more milk to give her nineyear-old son, Ahmed. The
family has eaten all their food
and their farm has been totally
devastated by the drought.
Nutritional surveys in several
regions of Ethiopia are already
showing increased cases of
malnutrition such as
marasmus and kwashiorkor
among children and the
What is it like to be a Have Not? Who gets to eat?
Starving children searching for insects to eat in Sudan
How does hunger affect
Have Nots?
Boy showing
symptoms of
malnutrition in
“Tell those lazy Have
Nots to get an education
and fix their own
Priyanka, 3, an Indian slum girl
breaks stones next to her
siblings on the banks of the
river Mahanada in the northeastern city of Siliguri. Priyanka
earns 150 rupees ($3) a
week.Over 400 million people in
India live below the
internationally agreed poverty
line (living on less than US $1
per day). According to
estimates, several hundred
thousand children work as
labourers and beg on streets in
“Don’t ask me to help you – GET A JOB!
There are 100,000,000 children at work today
How can the weather and climate cause hunger?
Children in Zimbabwe
waiting for a meal.
What age group is most
affected by famine?
Street children in Russia
Where does your next meal come from?
Woman in Sierra Leona – What does she have to do to
cook this food.
Eritrea's plight
In a good year she grows
enough sorghum to feed
her family and still has
enough to sell at market.
But last year's harvest
produced nothing, so this
year she has sold all her
livestock just to buy
"We eat until the food runs
out," she said,
"After that we either have
to cancel the meal or search
for some leaves
(traditionally eaten by her
tribe - the Kunama). There
used to be leaves, but now
even those have gone, we
are in big trouble."
Honduras – Not all Have Nots look alike
“Just have less babies”
Is that the answer?
El Salvador
Dentistry in
How does war affect the Have Nots?
Boy walking past rubble in Albania
Where do you
get your meal
when the street
is your home?
Homeless girls in
southeast Asia.
Brazilian boy
working in
the fields.
Will he be
able to get
an education
and improve
his life?
water in
Where did
your last
drink of
Mother and baby
from Peru
Boy from Malawi
Can he change
world poverty?
Who can?
Girl from Moldova,
How poor do you have
to be to be a Have Not?
Village in Malawi – How many clothes do you own?
in Peru
Peruvian woman
How much
should she get
Fresh water supply in Engucwini, Malawi
around a well
in Kwabangasi
Girl tending to
Family chores in
Laundry and bathing in Malawi
A Cambodian boy
who works on the
streets of Phnom
Penh collecting
rubbish to
supplement his
families income
Who works harder for what they make,
Haves or Have Nots?
Laborers processing sissal (rope) in Nova
Palmares community, North- East Brazil.
Is education the answer?
What do you do to
help yourself when
your parents are
dead from war,
famine or AIDS?
How long do you expect to live?
What “quality of life” should you experience?
Get a job?
Who are the parents when the average
age in the country is 17 years?
What does your
house look like?
Who should help? Do you have to be a star?
International star Bono of the
Irish rock band U2 performs at
the Live 8 concert to raise
world understanding of global
Who owns this world?
Where do you draw the boundaries that separate people?
Poorest Countries in the World
Rank Country GDP - per capita
1 East Timor $ 500
11 Ethiopia $ 700
2 Somalia $ 500
12 Afghanistan $ 700
3 Sierra Leone $ 500
13 Niger $ 800
4 Malawi $ 600
14 Yemen $ 800
5 Tanzania $ 600
15 Madagascar $ 800
6 Burundi $ 600
16 Guinea-Bissau $ 800
7 Congo, Republic of the $ 700
17 Zambia $ 800
8 Congo, Democratic Republic of the $ 700
18 Kiribati $ 800
9 Comoros $ 700
19 Nigeria $ 900
10 Eritrea $ 700
20 Mali $ 900
Richest Countries in the World
Rank Country GDP - per capita
1 Luxembourg $ 55,100
11 Belgium $ 29,100
2 Norway $ 37,800
12 Australia $ 29,000
3 United States $ 37,800
13 Netherlands $ 28,600
4 San Marino $ 34,600
14 Japan $ 28,200
5 Switzerland $ 32,700
15 United Kingdom $ 27,700
6 Denmark $ 31,100
16 France $ 27,600
7 Iceland $ 30,900
17 Germany $ 27,600
8 Austria $ 30,000
18 Finland $ 27,400
9 Canada $ 29,800
19 Monaco $ 27,000
10 Ireland $ 29,600
20 Sweden $ 26,800
According to UNICEF, 30,000 children
die each day due to poverty. And they
“die quietly in some of the poorest
villages on earth, far removed from the
scrutiny and the conscience of the world.
That is about 210,000 children each
week, or just under 11 million children
under five years of age, each year.
Today, across the world
1.3 billion people live on less than one dollar
a day
3 billion live on under two dollars a day
1.3 billion have no access to clean water
3 billion have no access to sanitation
2 billion have no access to electricity
William H. Gates
Today he is worth a staggering
$52.8 billion .
He could pay the salary of President
George W. Bush (US$400,000) for 132,000
You could win Survivor 52,000 times and
still not match up to his fortune.
The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of
the poorest 48 nations (i.e. a quarter of
the world’s countries) is less than the
wealth of the world’s three richest
people combined.
1 United States, William Gates III
3 India Mittal Lakshmi
2 United States Warren Buffett
Richest People in the World
Rank Country Individual
1 United States Gates, William H III
2 United States Buffett, Warren E
3 India Lakshmi Mittal
4 Mexico Carlos Slim Helu
5 Saudi Arabia Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud
6 Sweden Ingvar Kamprad
7 United States Paul Allen
8 Germany Karl Albrecht
9 United States Lawrence Ellison
10 United States S Robson Walton
What we spent in Billions of Dollars
Cosmetics in the United States 8 b
Ice cream in Europe 11 b
Perfumes in Europe and the United States 12 b
Pet foods in Europe and the United States 17 b
Business entertainment in Japan 35 b
Cigarettes in Europe 50 b
Alcoholic drinks in Europe 105 b
Narcotics drugs in the world 400 b
Military spending in the world 780 b
What is needed in Billions of dollars
Basic education for all 6 b
Water and sanitation for all 9 b
Reproductive health for all women 12 b
Basic health and nutrition 13 b