Middle Eastern Government & Economic Systems

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Transcript Middle Eastern Government & Economic Systems

Middle Eastern Government &
Economic Systems
Israel’s Government:
• Parliamentary Democracy: People elect
representatives from political groups to run
the government
• People 18 and older vote for their leaders
• These people make the laws (this is known as
the legislature)
• The leader of the nation and government is
called the: Prime Minister –this person helps
make the laws with the legislature.
• Israel's parliament is called the Knesset.
Saudi Arabia’s Government:
• Ruled by a Absolute Monarchy (king), the king makes all of
the decisions and has absolute power
• The power is handed down generation to generation.
• Citizens DO NOT vote
• There is no written constitution
• The king rules until he dies
• Law is based on Islam and the Qur'an (this is referred to as
Shariah Law).
Iran’s Government:
• Theocratic Republic: a government that is ran
by following religion.
• Iran does “elect” leaders (that is what makes it
a republic) but the elections are often
dishonest and corrupt.
• Iran has a president but he has limited power
• The Ayatollah, or the religious leader of Iran
has ultimate power of the country
Government Questions—Complete
with your partner:
• 1. What are the 2 forms of democratic
governments we have learned about?
• 2. What kind of government rules with a small
group of people who act like dictators?
• 3. What is the name of Israel’s Parliament?
• 4. What is an Absolute Monarchy?
• 5. What is the Ayatollah?
• 6. What is Shariah Law?
• 7. Who can vote in Israel?
Government ?’s Continued…
• 8. What is the name of the government where
the central government holds most of the power
& local government only helps?
• 9. What is the government where central & local
power is shared?
• 10. What is an autocratic government?
• 11. What kind of democracy allows for the leader
to make decisions with the legislature?
• 12. Why do individual voters have more power in
a democracy than in an autocracy or oligarchy?
• 13. What is the name of the branch of
government who makes the laws?
Israel’s Economy:
• Most developed in Middle East
• Mixed Economy, mostly market
• Does not have a lot of natural resources, so it
imports a lot of goods
• Makes most of it’s money by producing &
exporting: electronics, medical devices, &
transportation equipment.
Saudi Arabia’s Economy:
• Produces the most OIL in the world!
• Mixed economy, but mostly COMMAND. The
government controls most of the economy.
• Government (the king) puts a lot of money into
creating technology to help them advance
• Schools, hospitals, and roads have all been built with
the money brought in from oil
• One of the richest nations in the world because it’s rich
in oil and controls most of OPEC!
Turkey’s Economy
• Mixed Economy, mostly command (the gov’t
controls many industries).
• Produces: textile, oil refineries, iron, steel,
food, and machines. Most important export
for Turkey is AGRICULTURE (farming).
• The nation is trying to modernize, but it is a
slow process.
Economic System Questions!
• 1. Traditional, Command, Market
systems….with your partner define the 3 types
of economic systems. Then give me an
example of a country that has each.
• 2. What three questions must each country
ask themselves when figuring out what
products to make?
• 3. Why do most countries have a mixed
Economics Continued…
• 4. What is specialization?
• 5. What is an example of a political trade
• 6. What is an example of a physical trade
• 7. What Does GDP stand for & what is it?
• 8. What is an Entrepreneur?
• 9. What is a tariff?
Econ ?’s…
10. What is an embargo?
11. What is human capital?
12. What is the purpose of an exchange rate?
13. What does import mean?
14. What does export mean?
15. What is a quota?
16. Give an example of why a country might
put an embargo on another country.