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European Commission
Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General
Sustainable Tourism in
Europe: Chances &
Podgorica 26 May
Edward Tersmette
The “weight” of tourism in Europe
4% of the Community GDP
4% of the total labour force
8 million jobs
But with the related sectors:
11% of the Community GDP
12% of the total labour force
24 million jobs
Promoting Sustainable and Competitive
European Tourism
 Since 2001
 TSG Report: Feb `07
 Public Consultation
 Agenda for a
Sustainable and
European Tourism
(Oct `07)
 ETF 2007
Key challenges for the sustainability
of European tourism
1. Reducing the seasonality of demand
2. Addressing the impact of tourism transport
3. Improving the quality of tourism jobs
4. Maintaining and enhancing community prosperity and
quality of life, in the face of change
5. Minimising resource use and production of waste
6. Conserving & giving value to natural/cultural heritage
7. Making holidays available to all
8. Tourism as a tool in global sustainable development
Principles for achieving a competitive
and sustainable tourism
Take a holistic and
integrated approach
Plan for the
long term
Achieve an appropriate pace
and rhythm of development
Involve all
Use best
Minimise and
Set and respect limits,
where appropriate
impacts in
Undertake continuous
The European Agenda
The role of the European Commission
 Mobilising actors to produce and share
 Promoting destinations of excellence
 Mobilising the EU financial instruments
 Mainstreaming sustainability and
competitiveness in Commission policies .For
the latter knowledge and analysis of existing
policies and jurisprudence are indispensable
Treaty on the Functioning of
the European Union (a)
 Article 2 E
 The Union shall have competence to carry out actions to
support, coordinate or supplement the actions of the Member
States. The areas of such action shall, at European level, be:
 (a) protection and improvement of human health;
 (b) industry;
 (c) culture;
 (d) tourism;
 (e) education, vocational training, youth and sport;
 (f) civil protection;
 (g) administrative cooperation.
Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
Article 176 B
1. The Union shall complement the action of the Member States in the tourism sector, in
particular by promoting the competitiveness of Union undertakings in that sector.
To that end, Union action shall be aimed at:
encouraging the creation of a favourable environment for the development of
undertakings in this sector;
promoting cooperation between the Member States, particularly by the exchange of
good practice.
2. The European Parliament and the Council, acting in accordance with the ordinary
legislative procedure, shall establish specific measures to complement actions within the
Member States to achieve the objectives referred to in this Article, excluding any
harmonisation of the laws and regulations of the Member States.
Thank you for your attention
Mathieu Hoeberigs