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SBA for Europe: Implementation and
European Parliament
29 September 2010
Emmanuel Berck, Acting Head of Unit
SME policy Development
European Commission
The context: economic and financial
The effects of the crisis in the EU:
• GDP growth: - 4% in 2009, worst since the 1930s
• Industrial production: - 20% with the crisis, back to the 1990s
• Unemployment levels:
23 million people
7 million more unemployed in 20 months
expected to reach 10.3% in 2010 (back to 1990s level)
youth unemployment over 21%
SMEs are part of the solution
Biggest job creator prior to the crisis
A Small Business Act for Europe
25 June 2008 Communication + Council Action Plan in Dec.
 A set of 10 politically binding principles
 A package of concrete measures for the Commission and the
Member States
 A monitoring mechanism, part of the Growth and Jobs
in order to
1. Improve the overall policy approach to entrepreneurship
2. Irreversibly anchor the “Think Small First” principle in policymaking
3. Promote SMEs’ growth and competitiveness
SBA Implementation
• Report on the implementation in December 2009
Reducing administrative burden for SMEs
Access to finance
Access to markets
Promoting Entrepreneurship
• SBA Review expected in December 2010
• Monitoring of Implementation continues in the
framework of Europe 2020
 SMEs are recognised as key players in 5 out of the 7 "flagship
Implementation of the ‘Small Business
Act’ in Turkey
• Continuation of the process of Implementation of the
European Charter for Small Enterprises
• SBA is part of the acquis communautaire of Chapter 20
Enterprise and Industrial Policy
• Monitoring process developed by the EC, OECD, ETF,
EBRD, and national coordinators
• Allows Governments to:
• Identify strong and weak points in policy elaboration and
• Compare experiences and performance
• Set priorities and measure convergence
• Regional Progress Report
Turkey’s participation in CIP/EIP
• Enterprise Europe Network in Turkey
• Total budget: EUR 15.378.654 (EU contribution EUR 5.173.573)
• Full geographical coverage of Turkey : 34 partners in 7 consortia.
• KOSGEB plays a critical coordination role
• Actively helping SMEs: 102.990 SMEs reached, 37.790 SMEs
participated in local events, 2.389 SMEs received advisory services,
4.019 SMEs received brokerage services, more than 30 Partnership
• EIP Financial instruments
• Loan Guarantees for SMEs
• Machinery and Technology Support
• New Companies Support
Info & Contacts
• SME Portal
• Enterprise Europe Network
• Good practice database:
[email protected]
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