1) Review - ND

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Current Balance
• Assuming the conventional
current in the coil flows from
back to front, what is the
direction of the magnetic field
in the solenoid?
What direction must the
conventional current in the
balance arm flow?
If a 5.00 mg mass is used,
what current will balance the
device when a 3.00 x 10-3 T
field is present in the
Lenz’s Law
The switch is closed in the circuit
for loop 1. What direction will
the induced current be in loop 2
be as viewed from the left ?
If the battery is replace by a AC
generator, what change will occur
in loop 2?
• The secondary coil of a step-up
transformer provides the
voltage that operates an
electrostatic air filter. The turns
ratio of the transformer is 43:1.
The primary coil is plugged into
a standard 120 V outlet. The
current in the secondary coil is
1.5 x 10-3 A. Find the power
consumed by the air filter.
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