Technical Specifications

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Transcript Technical Specifications

Artem Aginskiy, Grayson Carr, Yinuo James Chen,
Andrew McDowell
Our Product
Manual, automatic control of lights
Automatically control lights according to room occupancy,
programmed alarms
Energy efficient
Cost: $300 for control panel, $213 for light bulb
Two components
 Control
panel module
 Backlit
LCD, pushbuttons, speaker, occupancy sensor
 Alarm clock functionality
 Standard electrical outlet
 Light
 Standard
light sockets
Wireless communication
LED power supply is too long
 Solution:
UART not working correctly between PIC
microcontroller and ZigBee antenna
 Solution:
Cut it in half
Set PIC’s low voltage programming OFF
LEDs overheat
 Solution:
Use better heat sink or run LEDs at < 200mA
Technical Specifications
Control Panel Unit:
Functions as Alarm Clock
 Consumes low power (< 5W)
Light Bulb Unit:
Uses at least four high power LEDS
 Reduces power consumption through switching power
supplies (<15W)
 Dims LEDs through PWM (0 to 1.5W)
Control Panel Unit Block Diagram
Light Bulb Unit Block Diagram
Current Progress
 LCD,
ZigBee, PIR sensor, PIC microcontroller attached to
the control panel
 Wireless implementation is currently being tested
In progress:
 Real
time clock, internal battery, speaker, pushbuttons
not attached to control panel
 Control panel firmware has not been programmed yet
Schedule, Tasks, and Milestones
3 Main Sections
Panel: April 14th
 LED Lighting: March 31th
 Wireless Implementation: April 14th
 Control
Sections done in parallel
Printed circuit board (optional)
Project Demonstration
Wireless syncing
 Automatic
LED light bulbs
 Proper
control panel and LED syncing
wiring and voltage/current regulation
Complete LuMen Lighting System
 Manual
dimming control
 Alarm setup
 PIR Module turn on/off procedure
Market Analysis
Other products
 Simple:
Insteon’s SwitchLinc Dimmer - $49.99
 Remote
controlled dimming
 Complex:
 Remote
Leviton Deluxe Wall Controller - $445.99
control of lighting and appliances
Our product
 Easy:
consumer friendly installation
 Focused: accomplishes specific tasks effectively
 Alarm feature
Cost Analysis
 Parts:
 Equipment: $67.7
Final Prototype
 Control
 Can
 Light
be reduced by mass production
bulb: $213
 Can
panel: $300
be reduced by 80% by outsourcing
Four year plan: 2 year loss, recover last 2 years
Future Work
Multicolored LED light bulbs
 Allow
user adjustable colors
Powerline communication instead of wireless
 Minimize
the need for wireless syncing
Photocell for ambient light sensing
 Provide
automated light dimming