reversing the current

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What do you need to make an
How are the magnetic domains
of an unmagnetized material
lined up?
If you cut a magnet in half, how
many north poles and south
poles will it have?
A magnetic field is created by
moving ____________.
What is alternating current?
If current flows through a wire, it
can create a______ ______
(two words).
How does a generator convert
True or False?
An electromagnet can be
increased by reversing the
Where is the force around a
magnet the strongest?
Through what is a magnetic
force exerted?
Moving a magnet in and out of a
coil of wire produces a
How do the coils of a transformer
affect the voltage?
What does the Earth’s magnetic
field interact with during an
With what does a compass
needle align itself?
True or False?
The sun emits charged particles.
True or False?
Most of the sun’s particles are
deflected by Earth’s
True or False?
Some of the charged particles
from the sun reach Earth’s
poles where they contact the
How does a magnet affect a
How does a transformer change
voltage? Why?
Compare motors and generators.