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A moral value is a universally
accepted ethical principle that governs
the day to day living of life. These
principles are important in maintaining
unity, harmony and honour between
Moral values are usually communal
and shared by the public in general, thus
if there is no agreement among
community members no moral values will
be established.
Values are the main compasses of our
lives. What you wear, where you live,
what you eat, what you do for a living
are always affected by the values of the
society that we live in. Besides, Values tell
us that what we should do and what we
(Robbins, 1993)
Seven advices of MEVLANA
In generosity and helping others,
be like a river…
A brief look at the Turkish Cultural Values
and as a result of this, Turkish Moral Values.
Values can be evaluated in six groups
As any other society, Turkish people have values
showing ,the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful,
why to live and why to die.
We can also define Turkish values in six
main objects;
Apart from this, we can group the Turkish
Values in two ways, the good ones and
the bad ones
The good ones are generally; heroism,
patriotism, manliness,
devoutnes(religiousity), abstemiousity,
hospitable, respectful, modesty
The bad ones are; ignorance,
glient, cruel, revengeful.
In general; We can
evaluate Turkish
cultural and moral
values in five
Goethe says: One who can not face his
history, lives only daily
Moral values varies from culture to
culture and from country to country.
Some values can be seem as a positive
behaviour, whereas it may seem
negative in any other society.
3- Religion: Religion is one of the social
institution that units the society elements
like family, morality, love, education and
economy. Religion has two functions in
society. One is to provide the unity and
cooperation in society and the other
one is to take place as a social
4- Language: Language is at the top of
the abstract cultural facts and contains
the other traditional elements. Because
all values are expressed by using
language and they are transferred to
the next generations and thus to the
humanity with education.
5- Patriotism : It means loving nation and
land and protecting them. Patriotism has
a special meaning for the Turks, because
thousands of soldiers martyrized during
the Independence War for the sake of
saving the land. The land is holy for
Turkish people because martyrdom is to
die for the homeland. The martyrdom is
the highest place after prophecy
according to Islam.
Some cultural
traditions of
Hand- kissing: This is a very old
tradition of Turkey. The
younger kisses the hand of
the older, especially in the
religious festivals, such as
Sacrifice Bayram and
Ramadan Bayram.
When we send off a family member or a friend to do his military service in
Turkey, this farewell turns into a display to encourage the soldier nominee.
Oil wrestlers
Actually, there are millions
of different cultural and
traditional aspects but the
best way to learn about
these, is to live them. So I
don’t want to take your time
anymore. Enjoy your trip in
Turkey 
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