PPT: Values and Ethics

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Transcript PPT: Values and Ethics

Define Value
Personal belief about the worth of a
given idea, attitude, custom or object
that sets standards that influence
 What influences our values?
 Why is it important for us to understand our
own value system and clients’ value
 Are values always positive
Values Clarification
Helps clients gain awareness of
personal priorities, identify unclear
values & resolve major conflicts
between values & behavior
Healthcare ethics
What is good or right for
human health & life.
Code of Ethics
 American Nurses Association
 International Council of Nurses
Ethical Principles
 Autonomy
 Nonmaleficence
 Beneficence
 Justice
 Veracity, Confidentiality, & Fidelity
Moral Theories
 Deontology - looks for existence of
essential rightness or wrongness, focuses on
act rather than outcome or consequences
 Utilitarian - considers the consequences of
the action, greatest good for the greatest
Ethical Issues
 Quality of life
 Genetic screening
 Futile care
Role of the Ethics Committee