Chapter 5: Personal Values Influence Ethical Choices

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Transcript Chapter 5: Personal Values Influence Ethical Choices

Personal Values Influence Ethical Choices
Character, Integrity and
Moral Development
 Character is composed of your personal standards of
behavior including honesty, integrity, and moral
Personal Values
 Values are personal beliefs and preferences that
influence one’s behavior
Table 5.1
Five-Part Valuing Process to Clarify
and Develop Values
 Thinking
 Feeling
 Communicating
 Choosing
 Acting
Identifying Your Core Values
 Core values are those you consistently rank higher
than others
Values Shaping Influences
 Major influences that shape our values are:
 People and events
 Family
 Religious groups
 Education
 People we admire
 The media
Table 5.2
 Parents assume many roles
 Most important role is moral teacher
Religious Groups
 Value priorities often developed through religious
Some see character education as fundamental aspect
of education
People We Admire
 Modeling is shaping behavior to be like people you
Avoiding Values Drift
 Values drift is the slow erosion of core values over time
Values Conflicts
 Clash between the personal values of different people
Internal Values Conflicts
 Internal values conflict occurs when a person is caught
between two or more strongly held values
Values Conflicts with Others
Personal Values and Ethical Choices
 Ethics are principles that define behavior as
 right
 good
 proper
The Right Choices
 Learn to distinguish between right and wrong
 Don’t let your life be driven by the desire for
immediate gratification
 Make sure your values are in harmony with those of
your employer
Corporate Values and Ethical
 Good corporate citizens consistently make ethical
decisions in the best interest of
 Employees
 Customers
 Stockholders
 The community
How to Prevent Corporate Crime
 Establish and support a strong code of ethics
 Hire with care
 Provide ethics training
 Develop Support for Whistle-Blowing
Values and Ethics in
International Business
 Values and ethical choices are more complicated at the
international level
 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
 Global marketplace is ethical minefield