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HU245-03 - Ethics - Unit 7 Seminar
Sean Choi
1. Our topic: The ethics of “employee loyalty.”
1.1. “Under what circumstances, if any, is it ethically permissible for
an employer to punish an employee for behavior outside of
work?” Couple of case studies to think about:
1.1.1. Example 1: Our case study involving Allen Lopez and
ExtremeNet. What, if anything, could be wrong with this? Hurting ExtremeNet’s PR (thus affecting its revenues)? Implicitly helping ExtremeNet’s competitors? What else?
1.1.2. Example 2: A real life case involving Ashley Payne, a former
school teacher. What about this case? Setting a bad moral example to her high school students? What else?
By the way, here are some samples of the pics she posted on her
beer! 0_o
1.2. “What ethical principles or ideals do you think a company
should consider when making decisions about layoffs?” Some
1.2.1. The ease/difficulty of finding a suitable replacement.
1.2.2. The resulting state of the one getting laid off.
1.2.3. How necessary is the layoff?
1.2.4. What else?