The Ethics of Being a Medical Student

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Transcript The Ethics of Being a Medical Student

The Ethics of Being a
Medical Student
Walter S. Davis, MD
Center for Biomedical Ethics
Department of Physical Medicine and
What kinds of issues are we
talking about?
Issues related to role and status as a
 Patient care and procedures issues
 Evaluation (grading) issues
 Issues related to professional and
personal relationships
Ethical issues related to role and
status as a student
Identification and consent
 Continuity of care, structure of medical
 Providing information to patients
 Bedside teaching and “roundsmanship”
Ethical issues related to patient
care and procedures
Dealing with a patient’s refusal to allow
care by a student
 Practicing procedures on fellow
 Practicing procedures on dead or
incapacitated patients
 Personal moral convictions and
professional “requirements”
Ethical issues in evaluation and
Fear that a refusal to participate in
some aspect of clinical practice will
result in a poor grade or evaluation
 Meeting “quotas” for procedures and
clinical activities
 The role of personality and “style” in
clinical performance
Ethical issues in professional
and personal relationships
Sexual harassment and exploitation
 Racial, ethnic, religious, gender issues
 Abuse of the supervisory or educational
 Confidentiality
 Observation or knowledge of unethical or
illegal behavior by superiors or fellow