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How The World Works
Central Idea: The climate of a region determines plant life.
Who am I?
By: Antonio and Akira
I am in North America. It is hot
and dry. My winter brings a
little rain. What biome am I?
• Desert
• Grassland
• In the day it goes up to 100˚F and at night it
goes down to 40-60˚F.
• The maximum temperature ranges from
43.5˚C - 49˚C.
• The minimum temperature sometimes drops
to -18˚C.
• No humidity
• Two inches of rain per year
• I have a lot of sand.
My leaves are waxy to…
• Keep water inside.
• Catch flies.
• I can grow new plants from my own
• The leaves on me reflect the sun so it
keeps me cool.
Try again!
Guess Plant??
• J_ _ _ _ a
t_ _ _
• I am not very tall or short.
Yes, I am a Joshua Tree.
This picture is from
www.wikimedia commons.com.