Biomes (cont.)

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Transcript Biomes (cont.)

If I could live on a
Savannah, I would
2 good descriptive
Continued to be expressed by your
esteemed and continuously predictable
Mr. Harris
This lies between the
tropical and polar
zones. The
temperatures are less
than those in the
Places like Buenos Aires
in South America and
the entire continental
United States are places
in the temperate zone.
Biomes in the temperate
zone are forests, deserts,
grasslands and
Some of them have a
mild change of season.
23.5-66.5 degrees
These tend to have
high amounts of
rainfall and seasonal
The soil is very fertile
because of the high
organic content from
the decaying leaves
that have fallen from
the trees during the
fall and winter.
Deer, bears and foxes
all live here.
Deciduous trees live
here. Oak, maple and
others are examples.
These are regions that
receive too little
rainfall for trees to
grow. Places like
Oklahoma, Kansas,
Nebraska, parts of
Russia and the middle
East are grasslands.
They have the most
fertile soil of all
Buffalo, kangaroos
and dingoes are all
animals that live here
Grasses are the most
common plant type
This biome has cool,
wet winters and hot,
dry summers.
The terrain here is rocky
and the soil is nutrient
Some of the plants here
need fire to reproduce.
Mountain lions and
coyotes live here.
Around the coast of the
Mediterranean sea,
California, southern
Australia, Africa and
Chile all are
incorporated in this
Trees dominate the
plant life here because
of the rocky terrain.
These are cold deserts.
They receive less than
25 cm of rainfall each
They can be very hot
during the day but
extremely cold during
the night.
Temperature ranges
from 34-120 degrees
Located above the
temperate zone.
At the poles
Tundra and Taiga
TundraNorthernmost biome.
Lichens and moss are
some of the plants.
Polar bears and rain
deer are animals
Taiga- (Mr. Harris’
Personal Fav) is filled
with evergreen trees
and shruberies.
Theses conifers drop
needles to the ground
that have acid. This
acid intrudes into the
soil which makes the
soil very nutrient