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People celebrate many festivals.
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional
Chinese holidays.
It is sometimes called the Lunar New Year.
People visit to kin, relatives and friends.
New clothing are usually worn to signify a new year.
Dragon Boat Festival
This Festival, also known as Tuen Ng
Festival, commemorates the death of
a popular Chinese national hero, Qu
People eat rice-and-meat dumplings
wrapped in bamboo leaves
People see live dragon boat race.
Mid-Autumn Festival
It is one of the most
charming and
picturesque nights of the
People eat moon cakes.
Children play lanterns.
People watch the huge
autumn moon rise.
Easter is the time of springtime
festivals, a time to welcome
back the Tulips, the Crocuses
and the Daffodils.
People eat hot cross bun and
paint eggs.
People also eat chocolate easter
It is a holiday celebrated on
the night of October 31.
Halloween activities include
trick-or-treating, ghost tours,
bonfires, costume parties,
and carving Jack-o-lanterns.
Children eat some
Halloween candies.
Mother’s Day
Mother's Day is a time of
commemoration and
celebration for Mom.
Mother’s Day is
celebrated on the second
Sunday in May.
People buy some flowers
and say " Thank you " to
their mothers.
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is a
holiday celebrated on
February 14.
It is the traditional
day on which lovers
express their love for
each other by sending
cards and flowers.
Girls would make some
chocolate to their
lovers too.
April Fool’s Day
April Fool’s Day is on
April 1.
The day is marked by the
commission of hoaxes and
other practical jokes of
varying sophistication on
friends and families.
Many people throw flour
at their friends in
Christmas is an annual
holiday celebrated on 25
People would decorate the
house and buy Christmas
People would giving
presents and sending card
to their friends and
People also eat turkey and
big dinner with families.